O’Drill/MCM manufactures a wide variety of oilfield specialty products namely hydrocyclones, Cameron®/Retsco® style B and C reset relief valves, Demco® and Oteco® style shear relief and gate valves and Baker® style float valves and plug valves. O’Drill/MCM also provides centrifugal pumps that interchangeable with those pumps manufactured by Mission®, Halco® and National Oilwell.

We distribute specific products to meet our customers’ needs and specifications. Below is our main O’Drill/MCM’ products that we stock and distribute:

MCM Centrifugal Pumps

Pumps are available in 118, 178 and 250 series. These Pumps can be built to handle fluid type and meet the needs of customer specific application. The O’Drill/MCM Mud Master Pump is designed to be a space saver. Applications for this pump include blending and pump charging services. The variable hydraulic drive makes it ideal in water well applications.

118 SERIES – Pumps with 1 1/8” Shaft & Pedestal
178 SERIES – Pumps with 1 7/8” Shaft & Pedestal
250 SERIES – Pumps with 2 1/2" Shaft & Pedestal

Download MCM Centrifugal Pumps Catalog for more details, diagrams, reference chart and specifications.

MCM Hydrocyclones

MCM Hydrocyclones

O’Drill•MCM manufactures a wide variety of hydro-cyclones for desilters and desanders as replacements for major O.E.M. brands in the 4”, 5”, 6”, 10” & 12” sizes. We provide and complete replacements for the following:

  • Replacement for 4” & 5” SWECO® CONES
  • Replacement for 10” SWECO® DESANDER CONE
  • Replacement for 4” BRANDT® Involute Cone & 12” BRANDT® DESANDER-HYDROCYCLONE
  • Replacement for 4” DEMCO® Style ‘H’ CONE
  • Replacement for 8” & 12” DEMCO® CONES
  • Replacement for 4” & 5” HARRISBURG® CONES
  • Replacement for 10” HARRISBURG® DESANDER CONE
  • Replacement for 4” TRI-FLO®/MILCHEM-TOTCO®/THULE® CONES
  • Replacement for SWACO® UT4 DESILTER CONE
  • Complete Assemblies for Desilters and Desanders-10”

Download MCM Hydrocyclones Catalog for more details, replacement parts list and specifications.

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