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Billy Pugh Co.’s mission is the manufacture of a full line of premium quality safety equipment. With close to 50 years of commitment to quality we continue to “over-build” our safety equipment. All our products exceed the minimum standards set by USCG, OSHA, CE and ANSI. At Billy Pugh Co. we will even work closely with you to customize an existing product or develop a new one for your specific application.

Offshore Oil industry’s Hall of Fame in 2001

The Billy Pugh Company was inducted into the Offshore Oil industry’s Hall of Fame in 2001.

History of the Personnel Transfer Net

Many years ago in the infancy of the offshore industry, people were transported to and from offshore rigs and platforms with the use of a cargo net. The personnel would hang on to the outside of the net and be moved from boat to rig. This was in the very early days and Billy Pugh figured out quickly that this was a formula for some serious accidents. A new device was then designed by our company as a safe transfer system that allowed personnel to embark and disembark quickly and safely. It allowed personnel to have the sensation of being inside the device but free enough to get off and away from danger when in rough sea conditions.

The Billy Pugh personnel net became the industry standard all over the world. It has saved and protected millions of riders over the years and is a symbol of the offshore industry. Many a new offshore employee remembers his or her first ride on a personnel transfer net; it is almost of rite of passage. There have been many attempts to improve or even replace the personnel net but the basic idea and design is still in use around the world and in the Gulf of Mexico. Though we now have the X-904, the personnel net are still the most common form of offshore personnel transfer in the world.

Billy Pugh Products

We offer and distribute Offshore Safety Equipment, Marine Safety Equipment, X-904 Personnel Transfer Baskets, Transfer Nets, Life Rescue Rings, Buoys and more.


See Billy Pugh documents below regarding product practices, training, inspections, procedures, presentations and general information.

  • Recommended Practice For Crane Suspended Offshore Personnel Transfers…
  • Daily Inspection (Inspection of X-904 by Qualified Person)…
  • Billy Pugh Company’s Recommended Practice for Crane Suspended X-904 Offshore Personnel Transfers…
  • Semi-Annual Inspection (6 month inspection of X-904 procedure by Qualified Inspector)…


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